Strategy Consulting

Good relationships are half the lifes...
... knows the vernacular!
Good customer relations are half of the turnover...
... I know from years of strategic consulting!

My strategy recommendation is therefore: Customer Relationship Management!

I help you to analyse your company's situation and work you to plan the introduction of CRM as a strategy and the establishment and continuous expansion of a comprehensive customer relationship management system.
Expand your knowledge of your customers with me!

I help you to generate the greatest possible potential from a CRM system.
I help you to increase user acceptance! Our experience: The benefit is active use! I help you to generate enthusiasm for a CRM system!
Don't just carry out a CRM project, turn your company into a CRM project yourself!

Would you like more detailed information?

Are you planning a project in your company or for your customer in my consulting fields? I would be pleased to send you my detailed CV, where you will find detailed information concerning my projects, my activities and project positions. Please give me a brief description of your request.